Christine Westland Bio

Christine Westland, BSN, MA Community Development

Christine has been a registered nurse since 1981 specializing for over 30 years in Maternal Child Health, Addictions, Mental health and Wellness. Christine graduated from the University of Victoria in 2014 with a Master of Arts and has incorporated this education into her work with Health Canada and the First Nations Health Authority. In her role as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Adolescent Mental Health, Christine blends community development and nursing in working with communities. As an educator, both in primary care and community nursing, Christine addresses the social determinants of health as the biggest barrier for individuals to connect and receive the social and health services and supports they require both individually and as a community. Christine’s work addresses these challenges through workshops, one to one dialogue, teaching self-determination and empowerment courses. This includes presenting to nurses and other health team members on the latest research, strategies and skills to address the gaps and inequities in social health care facing many marginalized people. Practicing from a strength based philosophy, Christine’s teaching methods include interactive small group work, sharing circles, crafting, creativity, and knowledge exchange. Christine also challenges belief systems and societal myths that are often associated with marginalization and encourages health team members to examine their own lives and beliefs to be more effective in their work.  Christine believes that we are both teacher and learner and leaves each workshop or encounter with a community knowing more than when she first arrived