The #1 Thing I Have Learned in 31 Years in Recovery

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2022

I recently celebrated 31 years of being alcohol-free.

What a miracle! 

I wouldn’t have survived another minute of drinking. Admitting I needed help and reaching out for help is the most important decision I have ever made.

In celebration, I have created my first blog post on my brand new GendHER® Jam Blog page about the most significant thing I have learned in 31 years in recovery. (I also got my first tattoo). 

 First, a lot happens in 31 years. I have survived heartache and heartbreak. I raised my son into a grown man when I didn’t think he’d survive past his teen years -- I have now been sober in his life longer than I was drinking. I became a grandmother and raised my granddaughter for many years -- she is now 21 and has never seen me take a drink. I have gained and lost. I have helped thousands of women. I have been involved in numerous grassroots organizations, projects, and programs. I am an advisor on numerous boards and committees. I became a coach. I created a program for women who want to quit drinking and transform their lives. I have worked my ass off.

I thought life would be so dull. 

Throughout these events, both challenging and wonderous, what continues to amaze me today is that nothing is what I thought it would be.

Quitting drinking, to me, seemed like a death sentence. It turns out the exact opposite is true. Quitting is the doorway to recovery, and recovery is freedom. Liberation. Creative energy and true love fulfilled. It is a second chance and has become the best time of my life. It’s the grace of Goddess, love, beauty, and so much more than just quitting. Quitting drinking is not the punishment I thought it would be. It is a proud choice and the tip of the iceberg to creating a more meaningful life.  

When I finally bottomed out, I thought my life was over. 
Little did I know. 

It had just begun. 
How Do You Know When Drinking is a Problem?
Different alcohol use levels exist -- experimentation, social and recreational use, habituation, abuse, and addiction (alcoholism). Others may abuse alcohol or other drugs while going through difficult times, then go back to social use when things settle down. But some of us are hard-wired differently. We have a tough time stopping once we start. That is addiction.
Is Recovery Hard Work? 
Hell yeah. 
But harder was the life I lived before that.

There is no comparison.

I have undergone a distinct personality change. 
It’s true. 
You can do it too. 
But it is up to you to rise to the occasion.
Become your own knight in shining armor. A freedom fighter. A regal Goddess marching into battle. 
And when life knocks you down, you get back up. 
And you get back up. 
And you get back up again. 


And carry on.
Along the way, miraculous things will happen. 

Trust me. 
This is not a trip you want to miss!!

Take care, my friend.

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