Struggling to quit drinking?

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2023

If you are struggling to quit drinking, you are not alone. For almost 20 years, I struggled to quit drinking. At the end of my drinking, I had completely given up hope. Drinking went from being a lot of fun initially to complete hell at the end. Then, something happened, and things finally clicked for me. If you are struggling to quit drinking, I hope these tips help and what I continue to use to stay alcohol-free over 30 years.

1. Being willing not to take the next first drink

Thinking about quitting forever seemed utterly out of reach. But not taking the next first drink seemed more manageable. Commit yourself. Everything is riding on this.

2. Having a deep desire to want a different life

I had come to a crossroads with my drinking, knowing I couldn't continue, but at the same time, not knowing how to move forward. For me, it was a place of complete surrender and blind faith. It was the scariest moment of my life!

3. Being willing to do things differently

Willingness is perhaps all that I had when I quit drinking. I had zero self-worth left. Zero self-esteem. My life was in the gutter. Willingness is a powerful medicine.

4. Finding a peer support group

Your drinking friends won't be able to support you through this, but you need help. Find a women's support group and a sober mentor. There are in-person AA meetings worldwide, and there are also lots of different meeting options online.

5. Connecting with something bigger than myself


When I quit drinking, I had to replace my connection to alcohol with something else. This is different for everyone. For me, this is a higher authority, nature, spirituality, and tapping into my life force and intuition.

6. Getting exercise and fresh air

Start with a 15 or 30-minute walk. Exercising releases endorphins and increases your mind's ability to elevate your mood.

If you are struggling to quit drinking, watch for the upcoming launch of my GendHer®️ program for women. Coming in FEBRUARY 2023!

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